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    What content makes it onto BankBulb?

    BankBulb's purpose is to highlight initiatives for which there is some degree of learning for clients.  Therefore we don't feature every new campaign or product launch and for this reason you won't see many savings rates ads, unless  there is something distinctive about them.

    What do the dates shown with articles correspond to?

    The dates shown represent the month that BankBulb registered the initiative.  Typically this will be the same month as the initiative was launched. 

    Do you show the results of campaigns and new products and services?

    Results are generally not made public by banks.  However we do uncover some interesting results and when we have a result we will add it to the original article.  

    I don't see content I would expect. Is there anything I can do about this?

    If you don't see an article on an initiative that you would expect to be included on BankBulb then it could be in our files but not yet input on BankBulb.  Eitherway, please let us know and we will respond with the answer and we could certainly look to add the initiative to BankBulb.

    The resolution on some images isn't great. Do you have better quality images?

    Many images, especially older ones, have some resolution issues.  This is due to the original image capture that, for example,coud have been a photocopy of a newspaper print ad.  It was also captured before we thought about BankBulb!  However, you should find that even if resolution isn't fantastic on an image you reviewing, you should still understand the essential information and intent of the imagery.

    There is an article that is incorrect. Can you change or remove it?

    If you see an article that is not 100% accurate please inform us and we will edit or remove it as necessary.

    How do you deal with copyrights?

    The imagery that features on BankBulb is from public sources and we do what we can to ensure no infringement takes place.  If however you see an image that concerns you please inform us and we will edit or remove as necessary.

    Why does the URL link in an article not work?

    Sometimes this happens if the bank has deactivated it.  Other times it may be because certain videos or websites are not licensed or allowed to be shown in select countries.  This can often be the case it the commercial features an actor.

    Why is there inconsistency in spellings, for example colour vs. color or cash back vs. cashback?

    Since 2011 we've been writing articles on initiatives from around the world for clients on various continents.  The spellings are generally linked to the origin country.

    Why does content show to go back to 2011?

    Otaara - BankBulb's parent brand - was launched in 2011. 

    Why is it important to go back to 2011?

    BankBulb contains information on initiaves stretching back to 2011. In the fast-moving world of finance, 8 years can seem an eternity!  However, what is worth considering examples such as these:

    1) Round up savings programs such as Bank of America's Keep the Change(R) which was launched in 2005 are only recently being copied by start-ups and banks in countries like Australia and Great Britain.  For example Monzo launched their round up savings offering  called 'Coin Jar' in 2018.  In Australia, ING launched 'Everyday Round Up' in 2017.

    2)  Some banks - typically in the US, such as SunTrust - have offered the ability for customers to divide their savings into "buckets" for over a decade.  However many banks are still not offering this capability to customers, or are just introducing.  For example Bankwest in Australia launched this feature in 2019.


    Does BankBulb include FinTech developments?

    Yes.  The same criteria to inclusion of content on BankBulb applies. 

    Why don't I see much content on my local competitors?

    Our purpose is primarily to show what is taking place from a global perspective which clients particularly value as they are often very aware of the activities of their closest competitors.

    Can I get more detailed information on a topic, product, service, etc.?

    It is possible to get more information and analysis on a particular topic.  Such a request would be serviced by BankBulb's parent company, Otaara ( and would be billed separately.  For more information, please visit the Otaara research webpage.

    How to best use the Search functions?

    The Keyword search box works the same as the Google search box.  So for example when searching for something specific it is best to put your search parameters in quotes as it tells the search engine to search for the whole phrase.

    For instance, if you search for Bank of America, the engine will search for content that contains those three words in any order.

    However, if you search “Bank of America", it will search for that phrase exactly as you typed it.  

    You can then refine results by using the Search Filters for example by selecting 'Credit Card' in the Product Menu and 'Business Banking' in the LOB Menu.  By doing so you will then get only results that related to Bank of America + business + credit card.

    Can I share articles?

    We will be adding a Share functionality over the coming months.  This function will allow you to share an article with another person(s) who has a BankBulb account. 

    Why are articles not tagged?

    Because of the Google style search functionality of our keyword search the need for tagging articles was redundant as you can just type in word(s) you are looking for.  However, we recognize that some people like to click a tag button when exploring a topic.  We will start tagging certain articles and topics moving forward.


    What is the purpose of BankBulb?

    BankBulb is an unparalleled online database containing distinctive or notable customer-facing bank products, services, innovations,  CX initiatives, insights, outcomes and campaings  from the last 8+ years.  Consequently, BankBulb is a phenomenal resource for fostering fresh thinking and ideas which makes it a powerful tool for the consideration and development of new products, services and campaigns.


    Why do I need membership to view BankBulb?

    BankBulb's data is for the exclusive use of our clients.  

    What is the cost of membership?

    BankBulb pricing is tailored to clients.  Criteria for determining pricing depends on factors such as client location, client size, number of employees expected to have access to BankBulb, etc.

    How can I or my organisation pay for membership?

    Easy.  Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.  We will then provide you with pricing options.  Membership can be paid for via invoice/wire transfer or credit card.

    History & Background of BankBulb

    Where has BankBulb originated from?

    In 2011, Otaara was set up with the aim of  providing clients with a  best-in-class tailored marketing and innovation reporting service for the retail banking industry.

    Otaara’s service proved strategically valuable because in the rapidly changing financial services marketplace, banks are under increasing pressure to stay ahead and differentiate.  They therefore need a pipeline of brand defining value propositions and customer engagement strategies.  Otaara helps generate these propositions by bringing the best solutions, knowledge and insights from around the world for clients' review and consideration.

    In 2019 Otaara built BankBulb to enable clients to access first-hand data that can help them with value proposition development, benchmarking, monitoring, ideation and internal influencing.