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BankBulb Background:

While working in strategy and development roles at Capital One in the United States, OTAARA's founder, William Cottam, realised there was an urgent need for fresh ideas and a global perspective when considering the development of brand defining propositions to bring to market and engage customers.  However, there wasn't an excellent resource available, even for one of America's largest banks.  

The solution was OTAARA, which William started in 2011.  OTAARA produced best-in-class custom reports highlighting and analysing new banking products, services, innovations, customer experience initiatives, and campaigns launched around the world by banks and FinTech start-ups.  Leading banks across continents requested their own tailored versions of OTAARA's reports as our reporting helped strategists to quickly learn and keep up-to-date on the rapidly evolving and expanding financial services landscape.  

In late 2019, OTAARA built the BankBulb platform. houses all of our past data, and continues to report on an average of 60 new developments and insights each month.  We cover every aspect of customer-facing initiatives, whether it be digital features and innovations, new products and services, or customer communications and engagement.

Our curation and analysis of trends, product developments, data, insights, and reporting continues to provide clients with continuously engaging content across verticals, helping clients with ideation, benchmarking, analysis, internal influencing, and prioritisation.  

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Distinctive Data and Insights

BankBulb is distinct in linking notable new initiatives with the corresponding customer communications messaging, strategy and tactics.  And, with the line between product and technology and marketing increasingly fading this distinct offering is ever-more valuable.

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Specialisation on Remarkable Products, Services, Innovations and Consumer Communications

BankBulb’s specialisation and purpose is to provide financial services brands with the most insightful database of market-moving and compelling customer-facing banking products, services, digital innovations, corporate branding and customer experience (CX) initiatives brought to market around the world.

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Facilitating Learning for Creating Purposeful  Offerings

BankBulb’s data and insights helps brands to learn quickly and create awesome products and communications in order compete effectively in an era of unprecedented disruption to financial services and radical evolution of marketing and advertising techniques.

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A Treasure Trove of Information at Your Fingertips

BankBulb’s database has been in development since 2011 so we have a treasure trove of Retail Banking, Private Banking, Business Banking, and Corporate Branding data.  As a BankBulb member, brands, agencies and consultancies have all this data and insights at their fingertips through immediate access to a robust, easily searchable database.


BankBulb offers a wealth of knowledge on new developments in banking. Their insights from around the world give us a truly global perspective. BankBulb’s team has consistently helped us keep up to date with relevant trends & technologies – highly recommend!
Snehal Kukreja
Enterprise Innovation, CIBC
BankBulb is great and you can easily track competitor activities from a single source.  The topics are on point.
Head of Market Research
Standard Bank
Our group is continuously looking to grow innovative thinking and the platform provides valuable insights to help keep ideas flowing
Jeff Chan
TD Bank Group
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